De(light)ful: An entry for the UIST Student Innovation Contest


Two undergraduate students, Derek Riemer and Ian Char, and I entered the UIST student design competition.  This year’s challenge was to create an innovative system for the household using the Kinoma Create, a javascript-based prototyping platform from Marvel.
We created De(light)ful, a light-based system to detect if lights and appliances are on or off.  As a user reaches their house entryway, they can look at or touch the Kinoma Create screen to easily find out what they left on in the house.  We took advantage of the fact that many appliances (e.g. routers, coffee pots, stoves) use indicator lights to convey power and other important information, and created small light detector units (all soldering in the BTU!) that a user could stick next to any house light or over an appliance light.  We designed this specifically to make regular household appliances universally accessible, since light-based information is inaccessible to visually impaired users.  The De(light)ful interface to be equally usable by both sighted and visually impaired individuals, where a user can navigate completely visually or audibly/tangibly.

De(light)ful won 2nd place in the “Most Useful” category!


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