BTU Access Guide Fall 2021

**Because of significant changes to the BTU Lab, everyone will have to take a NEW orientation – even if you have had one previously.**

The BTU Lab in the Roser ATLAS Building is a hackerspace, grad student residency space, and classroom. The BTU will have separate access to two areas: the BTU Lab work area and classroom (ATLS Rm 113 and 113A), and the BTU Tool Room (ATLS 105).

Sign Up Procedure

Students can join the BTU Lab or the BTU Tool Room by filling out this form. For swipe access to either the BTU Lab or BTU Tool Room, students must first go through the proper orientation.

BTU Lab Orientations will be 30 minutes and be virtual. BTU Toolroom orientations will be an hour and in person. Even if you are already a BTU Lab member, we are asking everyone to retake the orientation as there have been significant changes.

What’s in each room now?

113 (Covered by the BTU Lab orientation)

    • 25 seats for classes or workshops
    • community work tables
    • electronics equipment 
    • soldering irons

113A (Covered by the BTU Lab orientation)

    • Laser cutter (must be used with a laser master, laser master appointments will be posted in a few weeks)
    • 3D printers
    • Sewing machines
    • Access to 113A is only through 113, not 105

105 (Covered by the BTU Tool Room orientation)

    • Community Workbench
    • Bandsaw
    • Drill Press
    • Sander
    • Chop saw
    • CNC
    • Tablesaw
    • Hand tools


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